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2024 is going to be a major year in the glorious land of hair. Say it’s because we saw more split ends BAD HAIR than friends over the last two years, but alas, we plan to go all in with our cuts and colours, mainly because we damn well can again.

But because the need for change is burning bright (and at this stage we’d consider magenta mohawks if it meant we looked different/felt fresh), we are embracing the changes, yet staying within the ‘chic’ lane while experimenting.

Luckily, they don’t plan to reign us in too much: “Anything with an impact [could be on the cards]” People will want big changes to help them recover from the last few years! Were looking forward to seeing bold, liberating and empowering looks.
We will be creating big chops and lots of colour transformations. People have had a long time to think about their new look and will be much more willing to experiment with dramatic changes and have fun with it,” he shares.

So if you’re on board to sample something fresh, but don’t know where to start, allow us to bless your inspo boards with the expert-approved colours, cuts, styles and overall hair trends set to reign supreme in 2024…

“Warm honey blondes are a vibe,” confirms Jax Hanna, Founder and Director of Heaven Salons, “Lived-in warmer-toned blondes will give life to full blondes,” he says. “Warm blonde shades such as golden, honey and caramel will give hair an instant brightening boost.”

“Copper hair tones will continue to be big next season,” 

Gigi Hadid is currently teaching a masterclass in how to rock faux red. “Whilst the concept of copper can sound daunting, it’s surprisingly versatile because it works well with a lot of different hair types, skin tones and textures. There are so many different shades of copper which means it is super adaptable and everyone can wear it; the best way to approach copper locks is to tailor the shade to your eye and skin tone colour.”

“Spicy copper tones with rosy pink hues are also making a comeback, “We love blending copper tones with pink highlights for depth and interest,” 

Don’t stress if you’re not down to go all the way in the warmth department, though – it can be layered over darker locks, too. “Rich brunettes with sun kissed highlights will also be a trend,” 

low-maintenance but highly chic options do exist, and we understand why you’d want to embrace them. “Having people work with their natural hair during COVID, A lot of people will opt to grow out their natural colour and work with what they have and simply highlight it with a fresh update,”

“Girls who have previously coloured their [natural colour] will be interested in blending [it in] but still looking polished,” . “For blondes this means fewer lowlights, light front face frames and less visible grow-out. Our brunettes will be focused on shine and health, possibly with a ‘peekaboo’ bright colour underneath.”

“Girls and Guys are really embracing their natural colour amongst their blonde, taking lived-in to a whole new level,” she says. “This type of colour will get you anywhere from 3-6 months in between visits.

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