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If there’s one decade that represents fun and freedom when it comes to style, it’s the 1970s. Not only was ’70s fashion iconic (and relevant to this day), but there was a beauty revolution as well. Thanks to the civil rights and women’s movements, liberation made its way into the way people dressed—and wore their hair. In fact, some of the most iconic hairstyles of all time can be traced back to the decade, and we have these women to thank for leading the way.

Farrah Fawcetts Shag Haircut is making a major comeback for this seasons hotest cutz

Diana Ross set the standard of style and class in the 70`s with her look, 

The hair was worn curly and defined volumus afro`s

Goldie Hawn’s hair set trends starting in the ’60s and continued to do so with her long curtain bang style that’s still referenced in our salons to this day.

Grace Jones’s ’80s flattop is forever in the Hair Hall of Fame, as is her short cut from her modeling days a decade prior. This look is making a major come back for 2022

Debra Hary stayed true to her band name with a platinum style that’s synonymous with New Wave style.

Platinum Blonde Shag hair that still rocks our salon floors 

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